Cruising Pleasures, LLC was founded by Deborah, Domestic Engineer for a family of three young university students, and husband who reside within the state of Illinois. Cruising Pleasures, LLC was created for two reasons. The first is based upon my return from a recent trade Conference in Florida. The Conference allowed me to network with many individuals who were business owners. The second reason is based on the experience my husband and I had when we cruised to Mexico aboard the beautiful Carnival Pride ship in October, 2007. We had an awesome experience with the pleasures of good food, drinks, service, music and people. Upon returning from the cruise and then attending the conference, I realized a window of opportunity was awaiting my presence. And the more I thought about that window, the more I realized there are many people who need someone to show them this same window of traveling opportunities around the world.

So here we are!  My sole target as a perfect cost-affordable vacation is to CRUISE.  If you have never cruised before, or you have a fear for being on a ship because of so much water, or you are so dedicated to your J-O-B, that you can't imagine the business being able to survive without you there, then think again. The company will exist with you and when you are gone!  So live your life, reap some benefits with your assets and book a cruise for your next vacation. 

I hope to see you out there on the ocean, on a ship, relaxing in the shade, drinking a cocktail and enjoying the fruits of your labor.


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